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The 1926 Gibson
L-0 and L-1

Sunburst L-0 #49


Made famous as the guitar played by legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, the small-bodied Gibson L-0 and L-1 models were produced for only three years, from 1926 to 1929. The first flat-top guitars to leave the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, they were very lightly constructed and delicate, as a result of which relatively few exist today in playable condition. These guitars offered remarkable tone and volume for their small body construction and were favorites of fingerpicking and blues guitarists.

Now luthier James Einolf has brought the legend back to life, producing guitars based on the original specifications of the L-0 and L-1.


Building only a dozen guitars each year, James Einolf crafts these modern replicas of a timeless classic in a way that holds true to the spirit and sound of the originals. Every feature of these guitars, from the internal bracing to the final finish, faithfully reproduces the sonic qualities of the 90 year old instruments they are modeled on. The result is a guitar capable of faithfully reproducing the tone that inspired the invention of the delta blues.


The original L-0 and L-1 models had a flat fingerboard and a very wide neck that is uncomfortable for many modern players. James Einolf’s guitars give you a choice - a neck just like the original, or one with a more modern shape and radiused fingerboard. These guitars will put you in touch with the spirit of the blues!

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